We began our life on the road in 2015, with a backpacking trip through Asia, Africa, and Europe before settling in London first, and then Budapest (where we still live!).

Since our humble beginnings a lot has changed, yet our inspirations remain the same: watching a sunset over foreign lands, exploring chaotic and colourful local markets, finding the ultimate street food, or learning all about unique cultures.

Below, you’ll find travel stories, destinations guides, photography journals, and sustainable travel tips from each of the destinations we’ve been fortunate to visit over the last 6 years.

Either search by continent, or keep scrolling to each individual destination below.

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Richly diverse and achingly wild, with an abundance of wildlife, cultural hotspots, and beauty: prepare to fall under Africa's spell.

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Discover ancient gilded temples, the lush greens and blues of tropical paradise, snow-capped mountains, the peace of monks in prayer, and the honking chaos of neon cities.

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Rugged and wild, from the scorching red deserts of the Outback to the picturesque turquoise coastlines, Australia is a land of extremes and stunning beauty.

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Cobblestones, cafes, culture - the magic of Europe really needs no introduction. What could be more iconic to a traveller than the sparkling Eiffel Tower, the romantic canals of Venice, or the snow-capped ski heaven of the Alps?!


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