Come to Europe, prepare to be awestruck

Cobblestones, cafes, culture - Europe really holds a special allure for these two Aussies.

Can you blame us? For a start, Europe is about as far from our homeland as one can get, and what could be more iconic to an Aussie traveller than the sparkling Eiffel Tower, the romance of Venice, the white-washed rustic villages of the Med, or the soaring heights of the Alps?!

But the beauty of this continent is its diversity, and while everyone else is visiting the major tourism players, there are so many more delights to discover if you're willing to take a step off the well-beaten tourist trails. Like Bucharest, the grungy capital of Romania (touted to be the 'new Berlin'), or the rugged arctic tundras of Swedish Lapland.

We've now called this part of the world home for nearly 4 years (first in London, and now Budapest), and the magic of being able to jump on a short train ride to a place where we don't speak the language, can’t read anything on the menu and can lose ourselves in a maze of cobblestoned streets and thousand-year-old history definitely hasn't worn thin yet.

Europe, you're a dream. 


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