The Time We Jumped 160m Into a Canyon: Adventures at The Last Resort Nepal

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One of the most exhilarating experiences in Nepal can be had at The Last Resort, where adrenaline fuelled activities are the name of the game. Read how we faced our fears and jumped 160m into a canyon, and how you can do the same!

No one in their right mind would willingly jump off a 161m high suspension bridge into a canyon where the turquoise rapids of a river churned below, would they?


That’s exactly what we thought… until we did it for ourselves in Nepal. 

Located around four hours from Kathmandu on the Friendship highway that connects Nepal with Tibet is The Last Resort, an adventure lovers paradise tucked amongst incredible natural surrounds.

It’s home to one of the tallest bungee jumps in the world (161m high), the longest canyon swing in the world, and endless adrenalin-seeking exploits (did someone mention whitewater rafting, too?), coupled with a unique glamping experience and peaceful natural surroundings.

It’s definitely one of the most fun places to visit in Nepal!

In this guide, we cover everything from our own tandem rope swing experience to how to get there, where to book, essential info, and our personal tips for the best Last Resort Nepal adventure, ever!






Now, let it be known that I am not the kind of girl who goes bungee jumping or leaping out of planes. I do love an outdoor adventure, but definitely the types that keep both of my feet on solid ground.

But somehow, in between proposing on our Poon Hill trek earlier that week and the two of us standing, knees-trembling, on the Last Resort’s suspension bridge, Mark managed to talk me into doing a tandem rope swing over the Bhote Koshi river.

Unsure what a tandem rope swing is?

Think of an upright bungee jump with the harness around your middle instead of your feet, strapped awkwardly with one arm around your loved one (or, after this, disliked one), and jumping into a canyon.

Look, it’s been a running joke ever since we did our jump that Mark took advantage of my newly-blissed out engaged state while he claims it was about trust exercises and cementing the official start of our adventure-filled life together.

Either way, somehow we found ourselves harnessed in and gripping the sides of a breezy suspension bridge with white knuckles, making idle chit-chat while trying to divert our minds away from the obvious impending end of our lives.

As the moment drew closer, marked by the dwindling numbers of fellow thrill-seekers on the bridge and too many excited screams to count, we both trembled with fear. 

Personally, I was preoccupied with searching for any way to escape my harness and run off the bridge to safety, but before I knew it we were being summoned to the ledge to begin our countdown. 


After final safety checks, much-needed words of encouragement from The Last Resort team, and a promise to each other that we would, definitely, 100% both jump at the exact same time, the countdown began. 

3, 2, 1…. JUMP.

For four (very long) seconds we were in total free fall, the canyon flashing past us quicker than either of us like to remember now.

What I do remember, very clearly, is the merciful feeling of tension in the rope as our freefall ended and we were caught in the swing. It felt so outrageously exhilarating we didn’t know how to react when it all came to an end. 

I’m a crier normally, so you better believe my first instinct was to burst into hysterical tears, laughter, shock, and a looooooot of swearing. Believe me when I say the footage from the GoPro strapped to my hand is verrrrrry entertaining, and definitely NSFW haha. 

But the verdict? Bloody awesome.

To say we pushed through our fears and jumped from one of the world’s highest platforms, in our fave country in the world is a pretty epic feeling.

While I’m not sure my nerves could handle another jump, I’m pretty proud of us both and it was TOTALLY worth the pre-jump anxiety!

The Last Resort Nepal
The Last Resort Nepal
Bungy jumping at the Last Resort Nepal



Perched upon a clifftop and surrounded by beautiful forest, Nepal’s Last Resort combines the best of a relaxed and tranquil wellness retreat with pure heart-stopping, adrenaline-pumping adventure.

It might sound an odd mix to begin with — after all, bungee jumping doesn’t seem like the most relaxing way to spend your day, right?! — but trust us, it works.

The resort itself is super calming, with luxurious safari tents scattered all around the property, the sound of birdsong (and the odd cheer!) all around, and plenty of chill out spaces to grab some food and drinks, read a book, or make new friends in.

The kitchen is also brilliant, and buffet meals are included in your day trip or overnight stay, so you won’t need to worry about losing your lunch money during one of the many activities on offer.

Having fun at The Last Resort Nepal



Located around 100kms drive from Kathmandu (around 4.5 hours), The Last Resort is on the Friendship Highway that connects Nepal with Tibet.

The resort isn’t far from the Nepal-Tibet border, and is located in a pretty rural area amongst some beautiful natural surrounds.

Getting to The Last Resort is super easy; round-trip shuttle bus transportation from Kathmandu to the resort is actually included in your booking fee. You can organise your ticket at the main office in Thamel (more on that below!).

The drive there commences at 6am from Thamel, heading north east out of the city, slowly winding through lush forest and next to the ice-blue Bhote Kosi river, taking in some pretty epic scenery along the way.

You’ll also stop for lunch at a pretty river-side restaurant where you can enjoy a tasty buffet lunch for about 200 rupees (we recommend getting it!).

When the bus drops you off at the resort, you’ll just need to cross the suspension bridge across the canyon to get to the resort itself.



While the tandem rope swing might not be for everyone, there are a range of awesome adventures and activities offered at The Last Resort, including:

  • Bungee

  • Canyoning 

  • Whitewater rafting

  • Solo rope swings

  • Hiking in the surrounding hills and through the local community

  • Relaxing in the sauna! 

You can also opt to combine any of the above activities to make it a truly action-packed adventure excursion too!

The Last Resort Nepal
Jumping into the canyon



Tickets can be booked either online or at The Last Resort’s head office in Mandala street Kathmandu.

Prices for activities vary depending on what you choose, and whether you include an overnight night stay too, but expect to pay somewhere around: 

  • $90 for a solo canyon swing or whitewater rafting

  • $100 for a solo bungee jump

  • $170 for a tandem swing 

  • $150 - 170 for adventure activities and overnight stay 

* prices quoted in USD



There are day trips, and one or multi-night stays available at the Last Resort. 

We opted for a day trip to the Last Resort as our time left in Nepal was limited and we wanted to make the most of it. 

A day trip is a totally feasible option; you’ll depart Kathmandu early in the morning and drive to the resort, stopping for lunch on the way. When you arrive, you’ll have a quick briefing, do your jump/s, then enjoy a buffet lunch before climbing back on board the bus for the trip home again. 

However, pretty much as soon as we arrived and saw the cute clamping tents and chilled out resort grounds we knew we’d made a bit of an error.

We would have loved to stay a little longer and relax in the sauna, soak up the beauty of the area, enjoy a bit of hiking in the hills nearby, and sample some of the other activities (and food!) on offer too. 

If you have a little more time up your sleeve than we did, we absolutely recommend slowing down and spending a bit longer here!

Accommodation at The Last Resort Nepal


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Whatever you do, don’t travel through Nepal without travel insurance.

Whether it be a sprained ankle hiking in the Himalaya (or worse), stomach issues in Kathmandu, theft, or lost baggage, things can go wrong in Nepal, and insurance is your only way of mitigating the issues!

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Travelling through Nepal comes with a unique set of needs.

To help you have a comfortable, happy journey, we recommend bringing the following items with you:

Reusable water bottle | THE BEST INVESTMENT WE’VE EVER MADE! We use the Grayl water purification bottles, which allows us to fill up from any water source, anywhere in the world (including train taps!).

Biodegradable Wet Wipes | Keep clean without destroying the planet!

Hand sanitiser | not something we’d actually recommend normally, but in Nepal it can be a bloody great investment.

Power bank | power does drop out… often! Don’t get caught out without power for your devices buy purchasing this power bank

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