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Why partner with The Common Wanderer?


We tell beautiful travel stories.

Since we began blogging in 2015, we've become a trusted voice in the travel industry, with a loyal audience of like-minded travel-obsessed explorers who enjoy following our adventures and trust our recommendations.

Using our greatest assets — powerful storytelling, captivating photography, and quality videography — we bring your destination, experience, or product to life.

With backgrounds in marketing, advertising, and communications, we understand the unique travel marketing landscape, and have demonstrable success partnering with tourism brands worldwide. Our expert knowledge of SEO and social media will also ensure your campaign continues to be successful for a long time to come.

Partner with The Common Wanderer and you will increase your brand’s awareness, reach and reputation.

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What we value

We are and always will be a purpose-led business; one that aims to reduce our impact where possible, give back to our planet, and inspire a culture around travel that cares for and preserves the environment and all people.

We also believe that good partnerships have the power to do amazing things and create lasting change. We’re pretty picky about who we work with, and only enter into partnerships with like-minded brands and organisations that share our values.

These are the things that matter most to us. Do you feel the same?

  • Sustainable production processes

  • Fair trade and ethical

  • Organic and regenerative practices

  • Carbon neutral business

  • Commitment to sustainable travel practices

  • Plastic-free / recyclable / compostable packaging

  • Gender equality and empowerment

  • Locally-owned and operated tours and businesses

  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free

  • No child or forced labour

  • B Corp certified and/or 1% for the Planet

  • Community-based ecotourism projects


If three or more of the above apply to you and your business, let’s chat at hello[at]

We want travellers to see the world a bit differently, and in an authentic and sustainable way too. (2) (1).png
We want travellers to see the world a bit differently, and in an authentic and sustainable way too. (4).jpg

 Our Audience

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31% North America
22% United Kingdom
19% Australia


60% Female
35% 24-35
19% 18-24




Green Living Enthusiasts

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200,000 PVs / MONTH

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